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أسعار الاعلانات على الصفحة الرئيسية للموقع

مدعم برابط لعرض وتسويق نشاطك مع تحديد عنوانك الجغرافى

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Dear Sir                                                                                                                                                          بالعربية     

              Thank you for your kind interest in advertising on our site.

This site is growing and becoming more and more popular by the day. That is because of it's unique services and being the only geographic guide for places of Greater Cairo and Alex, and soon, Arab cities, covered by 570 categories and specialties.. Also because it is totally FREE for everyone ..

Our CD "" has sold over 17000 copies, it is also a powerful advertising tool for the site, and helping you in having more and more exposures..

As for site statistics;  the average hits is over 4500 per day and rising together with traffic ranking..

c (1) The rate for the TOP-LARGE 490X50 pix. banner  is 1200 LE per 3 months or 2000 for 6 months (one month free). Need to register your data on the system or we can link it to your site. 

c (2) While rates for the SIDE 150X50 pix. banners are 900 LE per 6 month or 1650 LE per year (one month free) 137.50 per/month. Need to register your data on the system. (3) Only here you can purchase two boxes to have a larger 150X100 pix. banner with a 20% discount and we can link it to your site.


c (4) The rates for the LOWER-LARGE 468X60 pix. banners  are 900 LE per 3 months or 1500 for 6 months (one month free). Need to register your data on the system or we can link it to your site.

c (5) While rates for the SIDE 120X40 pix. banners are 1100 LE per year (one month free) 91.66 per/month.  Need to register your data on the system.


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نموذج لإحصائيات الموقع خلال90 يوما 

Time Period:01/Apr/2004:17:47:54 - 29/Jun/2004:21:33:28 total 90 day(s)

Hits Total Hits 90 days عدد الاهداف - كليك 396660
Total Cached Hits 13275
Average Hits Per Day فى اليوم 4407
Average Hits Per Hour فى الساعة 183
Average Hits Per Visitor 13.2
Average Data Transferred per Hit 8.5 KB
Visitors Total Visitors 90 days عدد الزائرين 30060
Average Visitors Per Day فى اليوم 334
Average Time Spent 248 Sec
Average PageViews per visitor 2.52
Average Downloads per visitor 0.00
Average Data Transferred per Visitor 111.8 KB
Uniq IPs Total Uniq IPs 9432
Visitors Who Visit Once 7649
Visitors Who Visit more than Once 1783
PageViews  Total PageViews 90 days  عدد التصفحات 75672
Average PageViews Per Day فى اليوم 840
Total File Downloads 0
Average File Downloads Per Day 0
Total Images 90 days عدد مرات ظهور الصور أو الاشكال 292909
Average Images Per Day فى اليوم 3254
Total failed requests 7936
Total Incomplete File downloads requests 0
Bookmarkes 90 days  عدد من حفظ الموقع ضمن الافضليات 1334
Bandwidth Total Data Transferred 3.21 GB
Average Data Transferred per Day 36.48 MB

Thank you and best regards

AVC Director

Omar Nassef