Dear Sir,

We have the pleasure to introduce this unique and exclusive service that will save you the followings:

  1. NO System Information Department headed by an expert IT Manager.
  2. NO Specially equipped location on your company’s premises.
  3. NO Salaries for specialized well experienced computer personnel.
  4. NO Market surveying and consultation fees.
  5. NO Unnecessary computer training courses for company’s personnel.


Agreement coverage

  1. 104 hrs/year (2 hour weekly visit) basic, to insure the proper performance of company’s systems.
  2. FREE consultation and advice.
  3. FREE on-site training on every existing software, applications and Internet.
  4. FREE technical supervision in testing and receiving new or upgraded units.
  5. FREE securely backing up and restoring company’s data whenever needed.
  6. 50% discount on extra on-call visits or extra assignments.
  7. 50% discount on developing custom made software.
  8. 50% discount on advertising with (owned by AVC).

This special offer will cost you only 100 LE monthly for each stand-alone PC systems, minimum 4 units.

Or 125 LE monthly for each network PC systems without a server (workgroup), minimum 4 units.

Or 150 LE monthly for each server-workstations network PC systems, minimum 6 units.

Setting up your own IT department, will cost you at least 4 times the above mentioned prices every month, plus the initial large cost for establishing it on your premises !

Once you decide, AVC is instantly your professional System Information & IT Department, where we will be fully responsible for your computer systems, guaranteeing a smooth and problem-free operation.

We sell nothing but true and reliable service at an affordable cost within your budget, ideal for middle size businesses. We are not a computer company aiming at selling you what you don’t need, but a reputable software house with a proud list of achievements since 1988. This is a totally new concept in a market where people doing business need to concentrate on their goals.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation and best regards .

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